Norman Islands in the British Virgin Islands

Norman Island, British Virgin Islands

Norman Island British Virgin IslandsLegends and epic stories of hidden treasure and pirates play a large part in the “mystique” of Norman Island. This quaint little British Virgin Island is said to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s epic novel “Treasure Island.” While no one resides on this privately-owned tiny island, thousands of tourists flock here every day to get their hands on excellent snorkeling at the Caves, and the Indians — some with hopes of finding a piece of buried treasure (or two) left behind from pirate days gone by.

Norman Island lies south of Tortola, about 5 miles by boat. To the island’s west is an idyllic harbor called “The Bight,” which prides of calm and clear waters, and offers overnight anchorage. Until recently, “Pirates Bight,” a famous watering hole and restaurant operated on Norman Island, but unfortunately, it burned down in a fire. The island’s owners assured patrons to rebuild soon.

The Bight is also home to the world-renown Willy T Bar & Restaurant, a floating 120-foot 3-story steel schooner anchored in the Bay. Known for having a wild side where party goers amp up the excitement as the sun goes down, The Willy T is a must visit!