Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands

Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

Sandy Spit castawaysSometimes big things come in small packages. Such is the case for Sandy Spit. Resting between Green Cay and Sandy Cay in the British Virgin Islands, Sandy Spit measures less than half an acre in size. However, it consists of a perfect white sand beach surrounding light foliage — with only two palm trees — adding to the romanticism. Accessible only by boat, this remote beach is one of BVI’s most spectacular.

This little Caribbean star has graced many magazine covers, TV commercials, even movies — and is the darling of most Kenny Chesney music videos. In addition to its lovely landscape, it also offers a relaxed Caribbean vacation experience. The fringing reef to the south offers superb snorkeling with clear water and healthy underwater marine life. Sandy Spit is also the perfect beach for sun-loving, family picnics, a marriage proposal, or that childhood “island castaway” fantasy. While you can stay at Sandy Spit for just a short while…the experience will stay with you for a lifetime.